Marks & Spencer’s Flagship Liverpool Store

Main Contractor:  Wates Retail
Client: Marks & Spencer’s
Location: Liverpool
Project Value: £300,000
Type of Works: Shop front glazing, auto doors

Shopfronts & Entranceways

On the Liverpool M&S Flagship Store Project the architect’s brief was for the stone load bearing structural ladder frame to be concealed above the curtain walling. This was integrated within the curtain walling and within the mullions we installed a strengthened section that augmented the integrity of the assembly. To ensure that design redundancy was allowed for if, in the event that a mullion suffered damage, then the Steel ladder frame spanning the opening is strong enough in its own right to retain the stonework. Should the resin anchor fixings in to the sandstone substrate suffer then the Mullions can withstand the Stone loads. The top and bottom of the mullions had reinforced plates to take the shear loads for the project specific wind loads.

System 2000 Group Ltd worked closely with the Architects on a project that was time critical and, at the same time, worked within a time constraint of a rolling program that meant that some issues of design could only be discovered until at a late stage. Some of these changes had to be carried out via MS remote desktop direct into our in-house CAD facility over the internet – revised cutting lists, for example, being implemented direct from site.


The main Entrance on Church Street included integration of telescopic sliding automatic doors to give a maximum of clear opening within the differing levels, including rain flow surface water flow studies, the levels for the whole of the ground floor was carried out by System 2000 working in close harmony with Wates Expert Surveyor, enabling the design and procurement of materials / glass and long lead time items and the like to be done off design drawings, working in close collaboration with the Stonemason, we all needed to have Confidence in each other.

This is a very impressive building. To think that the majority of this was covered in a modernization program carried out in the 1970’s. The re-instatement, in our opinion, was well worth the effort and is something that all involved with the project can be proud of – work included design and installation of concealed steel to support existing stone.

Sainsbury’s Badgers Farm

Main Contractor: Wates Retail
Client: Sainsbury’s
Location: Badger Farm, Winchester
Project Value: £120,000
Type of Works: Glazed canopy, auto doors

In this instance the main contractor allowed us to work directly with his structural steel engineers to come up with a turnkey solution.

Scope of supply
Our package not only included the patent glazing but also included the aluminium flashings, folding, nosing pieces, and patterns. Taken directly from our CAD package we are able to reduce lead-time and potential errors on difficult 3D folding and fabrications.

Glazing Bars
The system is suitable for use on buildings requiring simple roofs, canopies, walkway/shelters etc. Dual or mono pitch from approximately 25° to 45°, this sytem is designed generally in accordance with BS 5516-1: 2004

The range of profiles is based around a 60mm sight-line with light, standard and heavy duty
bars. Section performance requirements calculated from site conditions and all loading
requirements. Please contact our technical office for advice and support regarding application.


The system is designed for drainage via water channels in the glazing bars. The glass or panel
infill is retained with captive TPR glazing gaskets.

Bars can the thermally enhanced by using external cover caps with channel isolator KAS196 and internal bar cladding section KAS190 (white or brown only).

Ancillary profiles are provided such as end fillers and end closures, F sections and wall bars,
fixing brackets and end plates. Rafter glazing bars are also available.

Aluminium profiles are extruded from alloy 6060/6063 T6 complying with the recommendations of BS EN 755:1-9

Etched and anodised to BS 3987: 1991 (01.06.2007) – Silver AA25 or colours on request. Polyester Powder coat paint to BS EN 12206-1:2004

Cover caps are secured using stainless steel screws (polytop) driven into extruded screw splines. All joints should be sealed against water penetration. Stop ends are secured in the same fashion.

Glass, Glazing and Infill Panels:
The system can accommodate 24mm IGU’s or composite panels and 10mm or 16mm glazing
variations by using different external cover caps. Other glazing options can be considered on

TPR Glazing gaskets to BS 4255 part 1.

With this project we also:
– Clad the nosing pieces on the canopy
– Designed and installed concealed rainwater routes and valleys – the aluminium pressing being taken directly off our CAD system
– Imported in to the folding contractors machine to produce a right first time approach to a complicated job.

Debenhams – Festival Place, Basingstoke

Main Contractor: Styles & Wood
Client: Debenhams
Location: Festival Place, Basingstoke
Project Value: £50,000
Type of Works: Shop front glazing, security shutters, glazed canopy, signage and roller shutters


System 2000 Group worked closely with the architect on this project which comprised many disciplines including roller shutters for the pedestrian car park entrances, security shutters for the Café kiosk, glazed canopy and supporting steelwork for the café signage and much more.


The glazed shopfront included glass fins and concealed steels for head restraint and stainless steel stall riser.

The glazing for the café was required to be installed concentric to the spiral staircase so that clearances matched around the 3-dimension gap. Setting out was critical from the outset and was carried out by the use of laser cut templates that keyed together to accurately space the concealed steels. The margin for error was less than 4 mm from true position to enable the glass to be purchased within lead time, all of the steel being manufactured in house.

System 2000 Group also designed and supplied the Stainless Steel Skeleton signage above the glass canopy.

Rigmar – Dropped Object Horizontal Protection Shutter

Main Contractor:  Rigmar Services
Location: Dundee
Type of Works: Dropped Object Horizontal Protection Shutter



See here for more information on our RollSafe Deck System.

Rigmar Services required a horizontal shutter to fully close off the oil rig’s ‘moonpool’ in order to prevent 50 kilo weights (dropped from 20 meters above) from falling through the moonpool onto working platforms below, thus protecting the work force on the lower deck during operations.

Tests were performed on System 2000 Groups’ existing ‘anti-ram raid shutter’ design, but it proved to be unsuitable. A new shutter lath was designed and finalized after over 25 trial shapes were tested through the use of mathematical models.

Prototypes of the horizontal shutters were tested at System 2000 Groups’ manufacturing plant here in the UK, including drop tests from 20 meters.

Following these tests, a full mock-up of the final system was built on the quayside next to the rig in Dundee, where System 2000 Group worked in co-operation with Rigmar to demonstrate and conduct tests, in order to satisfy the Norwegian verification company, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Rigmar Services and Conoco Philips (who currently rent the oil rig from Rowan Companies, Inc.). System 2000 understands the need to satisfy everyone involved in such a large scale project. The shutter surpassed all of the tests and examinations and received DNV approval, allowing the system to be used in offshore operations.

The resulting shutter provides protection to the work force while the rig is in full operation above them, allowing for 100% drilling productivity, as personnel can work safely under the ‘moonpool’ during production. In addition to this, the shutter has provided a major gain to the general working environment during production, as temperatures can drop well below freezing during night shifts in the North Sea. The shutter floor has pacified this by closing off the previously open moonpool, shutting out strong updraughts and severe weather conditions.

Project Manager for Rigmar, Steven Bunting comments;

“System 2000 Group Ltd. managed to design, manufacture and deliver a hugely successful project within an extremely tight timeframe. We are thrilled with their ability to work under pressure and produce such a bold, innovative solution to a long standing health and safety issue within the oil and gas industry, allowing the operational ability of the rig to be maintained when personnel are working below the moonpool.”

System 2000 group were able to produce the world’s first ‘superlath’ horizontal shutter capable of the clients’ requirements. Patents are pending on these products and components.

Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich

System 2000 Group were tasked with designing, manufacturing and installing a hand guard shutter for a carousel at Jaguar Land Rovers’ plant at Castle Bromwich.

After an initial survey, a manual hand-operated shutter was designed using CAD by our in-house design-engineer. Calculations were performed to ensure the shutter would be light enough to be operated manually, and strong enough to withstand daily use in a factory environment.


The shutter as installed on the Carousel

The design was then sent to our works where our shutter engineers built the shutter, ready to be fitted to the carousel.

The shutter was transported to site from our Birmingham works, fitted to the carousel and tested rigorously for smooth operation.