Sainsbury’s Badgers Farm

Main Contractor: Wates Retail
Client: Sainsbury’s
Location: Badger Farm, Winchester
Project Value: £120,000
Type of Works: Glazed canopy, auto doors

In this instance the main contractor allowed us to work directly with his structural steel engineers to come up with a turnkey solution.

Scope of supply
Our package not only included the patent glazing but also included the aluminium flashings, folding, nosing pieces, and patterns. Taken directly from our CAD package we are able to reduce lead-time and potential errors on difficult 3D folding and fabrications.

Glazing Bars
The system is suitable for use on buildings requiring simple roofs, canopies, walkway/shelters etc. Dual or mono pitch from approximately 25° to 45°, this sytem is designed generally in accordance with BS 5516-1: 2004

The range of profiles is based around a 60mm sight-line with light, standard and heavy duty
bars. Section performance requirements calculated from site conditions and all loading
requirements. Please contact our technical office for advice and support regarding application.


The system is designed for drainage via water channels in the glazing bars. The glass or panel
infill is retained with captive TPR glazing gaskets.

Bars can the thermally enhanced by using external cover caps with channel isolator KAS196 and internal bar cladding section KAS190 (white or brown only).

Ancillary profiles are provided such as end fillers and end closures, F sections and wall bars,
fixing brackets and end plates. Rafter glazing bars are also available.

Aluminium profiles are extruded from alloy 6060/6063 T6 complying with the recommendations of BS EN 755:1-9

Etched and anodised to BS 3987: 1991 (01.06.2007) – Silver AA25 or colours on request. Polyester Powder coat paint to BS EN 12206-1:2004

Cover caps are secured using stainless steel screws (polytop) driven into extruded screw splines. All joints should be sealed against water penetration. Stop ends are secured in the same fashion.

Glass, Glazing and Infill Panels:
The system can accommodate 24mm IGU’s or composite panels and 10mm or 16mm glazing
variations by using different external cover caps. Other glazing options can be considered on

TPR Glazing gaskets to BS 4255 part 1.

With this project we also:
– Clad the nosing pieces on the canopy
– Designed and installed concealed rainwater routes and valleys – the aluminium pressing being taken directly off our CAD system
– Imported in to the folding contractors machine to produce a right first time approach to a complicated job.